Monday, 28 February 2011

Cheap Flights To London Enabled Me
To Explore A New Place

If it were not for cheap flights to London, my trip to England would not have become reality. Working from home, my budget is very tight, so overseas travel is usually not feasible. After doing a search online, I found some inexpensive cheap flights. This permitted me to plan the vacation of a lifetime. It was such a great trip that I plan to make a return visit next year.

The flight was a direct non-stop flight to London, something that a traveller like me greatly appreciates. The process of changing planes frustrates me. In addition, the possibility of bags getting lost on the wrong connecting flight is not something a person wants to deal with when travelling overseas. Instead, my flight to London was pleasant and comfortable, providing me with some time to review the travel guides.

When I disembarked from the airplane at London Heathrow Airport, my excitement began to build. After retrieving my bags, it was off to the car rental counter to pick up the vehicle that I would be driving for the week. Service was friendly and I got a nice-sized, clean car within minutes. It did not take long to get used to driving on the opposite side of the road and I was soon zipping along to my hotel.

When it came to hotels, there were so many to choose from during travel planning. I opted for one in the city. Prices vary depending on location, amenities, and whether the lodging is part of a worldwide chain. By booking in advance, I was able to get about 20 percent off the best available rate offered by the hotel. My wallet was very happy and I was equally pleased when arriving at my room that featured a queen size bed and excellent views of the city.

The room was bright, modernly decorated, and featured a nice plasma television and a desk. I quickly made a cup of tea and sat down to review the available on-demand movies. This hotel charged for in-room high speed Internet access but I had already researched the local Wi-Fi hotspots and located a nearby coffee shop. After a shower and some fresh clothes, I headed there to check emails and get a lay of the land.

While enjoying a scone and some more tea (I would have quite a bit of that on this trip), I made some inquiries regarding the best restaurants. My hotel actually housed one of the London dining institutions, Trader Vic’s, so I knew that French Polynesian restaurant would be the dining locale that night. After getting some additional recommendations, these were incorporated into the itinerary. They included the Fish Club, Morito, and Launceston Place, with more surely to be added based on my travels.

Back to the hotel for some rest and then an excellent dinner at Trader Vic’s, where I had to have a Mai Tai, of course. Now wide awake, I ventured back out to 1 Lombard Street, a local bar that came highly recommended. After arriving, I could see why, because at the circular bar, customers can choose from about 50 wines, numerous types of vodka, and an assortment of pub fare.

After a night of excellent sleep came a full day of sightseeing, which took full advantage of the free tourist attractions. First, to Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the Guard and the on Horse Guards Parade. Since my vacation took place during September, I was able to tour the Palace. It is open to visitors only during August and September, providing them with an opportunity to visit the Big Ben clock tower and the Houses of Parliament.

The love of fairy tales took me next to the London Bridge, actually called the Tower Bridge. I was one of the more than 40,000 people who would pass over the bridge on this day. Since the Tower of London was nearby, it could not be missed and the Beefeaters were well worth the visit. History was a large part of the reason for this trip so a visit to the British Museum was next. It was amazing that it housed so much in one place and offered free admission.

During the rest of my trip, I visited Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, rode the London Eye, and visited some of the beautiful parks in the city, including Kew Garden and Hamstead Health. The week flew by like a day, and soon I was on a plane headed home. Were it not for cheap flights to London, this memorable vacation would never have been possible.

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