Saturday, 8 October 2011

Planning My Vacation Getaway

I was feeling the need to escape immediately. I was ultimately at a point of desperation, ready to jump on a plane and head out of town today, but obviously not realistic. The question I needed to ask myself was “Where would I plan my family vacation”? Just the thought of the word “vacation” can mentally exhaust me prior to my trip even beginning, to say the least!

Decisions, decisions... First off, where’s my destination going to be? Secondly, the airline, third, the hotel accommodations and “car rental, as well as travel insurance if needed. Final question. What’s the cost? How much was I prepared to spend? That’s the sixty-four thousand dollar question.

Initially, I need to turn on my computer. Thankfully, with today’s technology this makes it a little easier...well, maybe not, depending upon how technologically challenged I may be! Booking a vacation online seems to be less expensive than through a travel agency, as I’ve always booked through an agent in the past, this time; it’s my turn to impress myself!

Here I go... as I sit down, I turn on the computer, I type in “Cheap Flights”... About 62,900,000 search results appear, are you kidding me? Where do I even begin? On the first page, I see seat sales, last minute vacations, cruises, hotel discounts, etc. etc. This has now become a little overwhelming. Maybe I need to contact an agent after all!

My original time slot that I’ve allowed myself to book this trip would be approximately half more, no less. It’s only been two hours since I’ve begun my search for the ultimate vacation destination. I ask myself “am I any further ahead than I was a few hours ago”? No I’m not, but my excuse.. I got a tad bit carried away with all the options available. Now, dazed and confused, the only issue that’s been resolved is where I’m going, answer is “CRAZY”! I really need that vacation now, more than ever before..

I’ve just come to the realization that it’s now late fall, winter’s just around the corner. I’m soon going to crave the warmth of the sunshine when I’m removing the snow from my driveway, which I’m assuming will be not far off. Book that trip for next month, I told myself ! Locating a last minute deal, a cheap flight, maybe even a seat sale shouldn’t be too difficult to track down. I have a plethora of options to choose from.. Could it be WestJet, Delta, American Airlines, United, Air Canada, Air Transat ? I’m in search of the best travel deal available, who’s is going to be ? The winner is.. I’ll leave you in suspense.

Now that I’ve chosen my flight and destination, next step, the accommodations… I would call myself “a hotel snob”, always looking for a five star rating with countless, yet positive reviews. I’ve acknowledged the fact that we should never judge a book by it’s cover. As I’m viewing the most breathless pictures of white sandy sprawling beaches, lounge chairs, umbrella’s, pools, and patio bars. In my mind, this is where I’m destined to be. The hotel, and lobby look beautiful, the rooms seem spacious enough, and the view from the balcony is priceless. Hoping it’s all that it’s cracked up to be upon arrival.

Next question to myself “do I require a car rental for transportation“? What’s a vacation without a little sight-seeing? Excursions a must. I can’t possibly sit on a beach for a week and do absolutely nothing. Being a woman, shopping is a major priority on my list, although I seem to buy just for the sake of buying when on vacation. That dress looked great at the island boutique, but will I ever wear it at home? You’d think I’d learn from past purchases that those dresses are still hanging in my closet, tags attached. As for the last minute souvenirs for friends and family, those are usually purchased just prior to boarding the plane at the airport. I won’t tell them, will you ?

Now that I’ve booked my perfect vacation destination, I can’t say it was uneventful, but can only hope my trip will be. This has definitely been a learning experience with so many options to choose from and decisions to be made regarding the airline company, flight, and hotel accommodations. I’m fully aware there will be many more choices I’ll have to decide upon my arrival, such as menu options, cocktails, and how much time to spend at the beach and pool each day.

Upon arrival next month to the ideal vacation spot, with my camera in hand, the memories obtained will far outweigh the stress it took me to book this trip. Thinking back, I truly believe it took me longer to book this trip than it will the flight to get there !

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